Sunday, January 5, 2014

fradleybox's ~zzzzz~ 2013 mixes

Really mellow this year.

the apparat track is missing but no one is going to stick with this that long anyway. Regular mix ends after efterklang, the rest is the instrumental mix.

Monday, December 16, 2013

ANTIsecurity's (not really) 2013 Mix!

Maxmillion Dunbar
In his words:
I made my mix.

It only features one song from this year

The rest is a bunch of stuff I only discovered this year (and some stuff newly reissued this year)

the track list is as follows

1. Peter Jefferies – "Domesticia" [The Last Great Challenge In A Dull World; De Stijl, 2013 reissue]
2. Omar-S – "Supported Solely" [I Can Be Done But Only I Can Do It; FXHE, 2011]
3. The Other People Place – "Moonlight Rendezvous" [Lifestyles of the Laptop Café; Warp, 2001]
4. Moodymann – "People" [Silence in the Secret Garden; Peacefrog, 2003]
5. Boof – Karo’s At Work [A Soft Kiss By A Rose; Valve, 2006]
6. Rickie Lee Jones – "Woody and Dutch on the Slow Train to Peking" [Pirates; Warner Bros., 1981]
7. Theo parrish – "Reckasto / Strange Change" [Sound Sculptures Volume 1.; Sound Signature, 2007]
8. After Dinner – "Ironclad Mermaid" [Paradise of Replica; ReR Megacorp 2000 reissue]
9. Half Japanese – "Downdududown" [Half Gentlemen / Not Beasts; Fire, 2013 reissue]
10. Maxmillion Dunbar – "Ice Room Graffiti" [House of Woo; RVNG Intl., 2013]
11. Matias Aguayo – "New Life" [Are You Really Lost; Kompakt, 2005]
12. Jam City – "How We Relate to the Body" [Classical Curves; Night Slugs, 2012]
13. Dj Sprinkles – "The Occasional Feel-Good" [Midtown 120 Blues; Mule Musiq, 2009]

Will you host my mix on RHMBMB??




Saturday, December 14, 2013

~~Harri's Old As The Hills 2013 Mix!!

Reality. We must all face it. We're getting older, fatter (or disgustingly thinner), uglier (especially you, ugh! you!) and our taste in music is getting worse. We like things that old people like: light rock, mild jazz, TV theme songs, crap our kids listen to, etc. It is depressing and WRONG, and you should feel shame. But *I* obj still like cool stuff, so here's a 2013 mix of cool people music that I made for you and me to enjoy.:
1. Cheap Time - Spark In the Chain (3:52)
2. Pharmakon - Pitted (5:59)
3. Ben Khan - Eden (2:32)
4. Cate Le Bon - No God (4:36)
5. Psychic Ills - FBI (3:31)
6. Boards Of Canada - Cold Earth (3:42)
7. Broadcast - The Dormitory Window (0:58)
8. The New Lines - The Frog Whisperer (3:16)
9. Thee Oh Sees - No Spell (4:24)
10. Glenn Jones - Across the Tappan Zee (3:26)
11. My Bloody Valentine - If I Am (3:54)
12. Benoît Pioulard - Reliquary (3:02)
13. Bill Callahan - Ride My Arrow (4:58)
14. Yo La Tengo - Stupid Things (5:07)
15. Fuzz - What's In My Head (3:54)
16. Föllakzoid - 99 (9:05)

I will try and work on a stream of some kind, but for now let's enjoy the novelty of the ancient non-Spotify "mp3 mix" that I made you.


P.S. head over to VLTF for some healthy, nude, sword-wielding, nostalgia.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

fradleybox's tasty peanut 2012 instrumental mix

Pictured: Mount Eerie
Click here to listen

01 Evenings - Golden
02 Snow Palms - Blue Yonder
03 Andrew Bird - Things Behind The Barn
04 Two Bicycles - Voice clouds
05 Message To Bears - Farewell, Stars
06 Dead Rat Orchestra - Salt Slide
07 Alamaailman Vasarat - Riistomaasiirtäjä
08 Black Prairie - Evil Leaves
09 Mount Eerie - (something)
10 Library Tapes - End of the Summer
11 dalot - haiku 16
12 Indian Wells - In The Streets
13 Errors - The Knock
14 Balmorhea - Artifact
15 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - We Drift Like Worried Fire
16 Memory Tapes - The Black Reel

~90 minutes counting the last two tracks, ~45 without them. Think of it as a 2-part deal if you want, or just skip the long tracks at the end, idgaf. I do not expect much interest in an LP but if there is, sure, whatever!

Monday, December 17, 2012

tchockette's PECIOUS best of 2012 mix!

RHMB 2012 Mix (spotify link)

01 Liars - No. 1 Against the Rush
02 Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan
03 Pye Corner Audio - Sleep Games
04 Bear in Heaven - The Reflection of You
05 Mount Eerie - Through the Trees pt. 2
06 Aukso Orchestra - Es is Genug
07 Jens Lekman - The End of the World Is Bigger Than Love
08 The Sea and Cake - Harps
09 Diiv - Follow
10 Menomena - Don't Mess With Latexas
11 Andrew Bird - Three White Horses
12 Dorian Concept - Dream Work
13 The Twilight Sad - Nil
14 Message To Bears - Everything Was Covered in Snow
15 Max Richter - Summer 3
16 Clock Opera - Belongings
17 Cat Power - Manhattan
18 Efterklang - Apples
19 Lotus Plaza - Monoliths
20 Halls - Reverie
21 CFCF - Exercise 5 (September)
22 Crystal Castles - Child I Will Hurt You
23 A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears
24 Grizzly Bear - Speak in Rounds
25 Beach House - New Year

I asked Fi if she had any words to add to the post, and she replied:

  1. How well do you know the original Four Seasons? (as in Vivaldi, not hotels or pizza.) 
  2. Is Mince Pye Corner Audio the best Christmas pun to begot from this mix? 
  3. Is WIXIW the 'the best Radiohead album since Kid A'? read.
  4. Who is your favourite Scandinavian on this list? Clue - there are two countries represented, but whatever, the answer is always 'Jens'. 
  5. Have you ever taken Vicodin? 
  6. What were you expecting from this mix? 
  7. Without cheating, how old do you think Halls is? 
  8. The Crystal Castles track would be better if it was called 'Child, Seriously', wouldn't it? 
  9. Favourite piece of music (pick ONE only) which Jonathan Richard Guy Awaiting The Coming End Times Greenwood has ever contributed to? 
  10. Did you know about this? 
  11. Questions for me? 

Vielen Dank! 
- tchockette

LPs are scheduled for Thursday 6pm Eastern/11pm UK and a Sunday rerun at the same time 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK.
Spotify says this is an hour long but I don't buy it. Looks more like ~90 minutes. Please let someone me know if you want to join the LP and cannot use Spotify for any reason, and I'll see what I can do.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fradleybox's REGIONAL! best of 2012 mix

Pictured: Boy Eats Drum Machine
Feel free to check out the exact same content on deadly boars, because I have to drive traffic somehow.

01 Secret Mountains - Golden Blue
02 Thee Oh Sees - Lupine Dominus
03 Frankie Rose - Interstellar
04 Grass Widow - Milo Minute
05 Seapony - What You Wanted
06 Ilyas Ahmed - My Mirage
07 Mount Eerie - Ocean Roar
08 Sharon van Etten - Serpents
09 Black Prairie - How Do You Ruin Me
10 Efterklang - Dreams Today
11 Stars - Progress
12 The Luyas - Channeling
13 Memory Tapes - Neighborhood Watch
14 Aesop Rock - Racing Stripes
15 Boy Eats Drum Machine - The Devil's Wheels
16 Liars - WIXIW
17 First Aid Kit - Dance To Another Tune
18 Andrew Bird - Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses
~80 minutes, may or may not work properly in itunes because fuck it.

LPs scheduled for Saturday, 12/15/2012, 6pm Eastern/11pm Ye Olde British Tyme and then again on Sunday 12/16/2012 at the same time. Last LP of the mayan calendar cycle! maybe! whoo!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Harri's INEVITABLE Best of 2011-2012 Mix!

Is the blog dead? No, it is just sleeping honey. Don't cry. But seriously, four posts in a year? We should be ashamed. I've been busy with jobs and schools and marathons of poorly-acted pre-CGI science fiction films, so it's not my fault. Maybe the blog needs more oomph? There's no law that says "mix" can't mean "cake mix." We could turn it into a baking blog because THOSE ARE HUGE RIGHT NOW. Or we could turn it into TUMBLR (haha, no). Anyway, I have new material for you:
1. Moon Duo - Sleepwalker (4:52)
2. Here We Go Magic - I Believe In Action (4:39)
3. The Dunes - Jukebox (3:22)
4. John Maus - Head for the Country (3:17)
5. Panda Bear - Slow Motion (4:36)
6. Belong - Perfect Life (4:29)
7. Sic Alps - The First White Man To Touch California Soil (2:38)
8. Trust - F.T.F (4:08)
9. The Luyas - Face (5:22)
10. Clark - Com Touch (4:23)
11. Rayon Beach - Some Fun Before We Die (3:23)
12. Vivian Girls - Take It As It Comes (3:00)
13. The New Lines - Prodigal Son (2:57)
14. Peaking Lights - Dream Beat (6:28)
15. Thee Oh Sees - Contraption/Soul Desert (5:21)
16. Bill Callahan - Riding For The Feeling (6:05)

I don't think Bill Callahan would approve of me ending with Riding for the Feeling but ehhh I just wanted to (what can you follow that track with? nothing). LP tentatively scheduled for this SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 8TH @ 6PM EST!!


P.S. If the stream doesn't work, try putting Vicks on your feet or installing Google Chrome.